About Us

U-Do was founded under the principle of bringing cost effective, bespoke selling solutions when you are ready to sell your home.

The vision for U-Do came about from Property Development by our Managing Director. Whilst this activity was to provide a second income to support his growing family, a lot of the generated profits were being lost by large estate agent fees once he sold the property, and it raised the question “what am I paying for?”

This sparked the thinking that “There has to be a better way!” This inspired him to look a little deeper into the industry and its practises. The outcome of this was a vision of a better and fair way of marketing your home - especially in this digital age.

Our belief is that a lot of what you get included with a traditional agent is now simply not relevant - but you still Pay for it! In the digital arena, with majority of people going online to find their next home or investment, why pay for these extra services if you don’t require them.

We believe a better way is to build your own bespoke “home sales package” which suits your individual needs!

Don’t require printed brochures, Then don’t pay for them.
Don't need an agent to show people around your home, Then leave it out.

Market your home your way and save money for the more important things.

- Bigger deposit towards your next home
- Money towards the decorating to make your house your home
- Or even go on holiday with the money you saved

U-Do will still have your home marketed on the most popular online portals like Rightmove, Zoopla & Prime Location etc, and we will still come out and value your home, take the pictures and write the descriptions.

We consider ourselves a hybrid agent. You get the prices of an online provider, but still with the local touch, as well as working with local solicitors, removers and the like. We don’t have a high street branch, Instead we have an office in the City Centre which is convenient for all, and you still can come in and have a chat and discuss your next move.

We hope to hear from you and would love to help you market your home.